DIY Clothes Drying Rack

In my house, everything goes in the dryer except my more delicate items so this is a dedicated drying rack I built for my laundry room.  
Most of the DIY racks I've seen, tilt out from the wall. However, that wasn't going to work in my space because I have a door that would always be colliding with it. So I designed this rack with independent rods that swing back and forth. This way, if a door does knock it, then it will just swing out of the way and no damage done.

Here is a video showing the build process:

DIY Folding Workbench

One of my favorite things in my shop is my folding workbench. I know I already have a tutorial from the first time I built one, but since this one is a little bigger I thought I would put out another. Check it out:
Pretty neat huh? Now of course everything on this can be customized to fit your space, but below is a step by step on how I built this one. With a little bit of paint this could easily be fit for inside the house as well, maybe as a craft table.

Here is a video showing the build process:

DIY Nursery Wall Art

A good friend just had a baby and I wanted to make her a homemade gift for her nursery and this is what I came up with:
I know I'm bias but I just think this is stinkin cute.

Here is a video showing the build:

DIY Toy Storage and Wooden Crates

A co-worker asked me if I would make him and his wife a toy storage cubby and this is how it turned out. 
Then here is a video showing the build process:

DIY Dress Up Station

One of my best friends asked me to build her little girl a dress up rack to store all her dress up clothes and accessories. Here is the finished cart!
Here is a video on the build process:

DIY Firewood Storage

I have a pretty large hearth on my fire place, and I typically just stack my chopped fire wood on it and call it a day. However, I have really been wanting to make something that would be a little more prettier so I decided to sketch something up to build. 
I wanted something that would hold a lot of wood, but I also just didn't want to throw together a big rectangle. I also wanted a spot to store my fire starters as well as separation between my kinlin and larger wood. This is what I came up with!
I built in two shelves on the sides that are wide enough to hold 13 starter bricks each, and the two dividers you see allow me to put the bigger stuff in the middle with the smaller stuff on the outside.
Here is a video showing the build process:

DIY Rolling Shop Stool

Last year, for my husband's birthday I made him this tool caddy to help keep his tools organized while working on cars and his wheelers. This year I tried my hand at making him a shop stool. He has the typical shop stool already that has a gas lift on it, but I often find him sitting on the garage floor because the stool doesn't get him as low as he needs to be. So I made him this creeper type stool that is really low to the ground but still rolls around.
Here is a video showing the build process: